Yaşar University Media Center

The Yaşar University Media Center prepares its students for future careers in the medium of communications with its Television, Editing, Audio  Recording, Radio and Photography Studios. These studios are fully outfitted with state of the art equipment and students receive expert instruction from experienced professionals.  The Media Center thus enables students to complete Television, Radio and Photography projects from start to finish, giving students an invaluable opportunity to put what they have learned in class into practice. It is the primary aim of the center to equip students with the skills, knowledge and hands on experience, which will undoubtedly provide them with a head start in their chosen field.

In the media center, promotional films for Yaşar University, videos of concerts, seminars, symposiums, theater plays, graduation celebrations, competitions, festivals and other events organized at the university are recorded. Once completed, video and audio recordings are stored in the archive system.

Broadcast on the internet
Yaşar University, a leader in the field of web based broadcasts, provides Internet Television and Internet Radio broadcasts on the university webpage. These broadcasts are produced primarily through the talents and ongoing efforts of our students.


The media center broadcasts the program   “Yaşasın Sinema” on the universities’ internet television system. This program informs its viewers about the latest movie releases. It distinguishes itself from similar programs by offering insights into cinematography, the filmography of directors and other specialized topics. All facets of this program are managed by the students from recording to presentation. Another television program produced by the students is “Yaşayan Kampüs”. This program provides insights into campus life from a students’ point of view.


“Artizmir” is a radio program which promotes the international atmosphere of the university    and focuses on events in the artistic and cultural community of İzmir. It is broadcast in association with the School of Foreign Languages. The program broadcasts in Japanese, Portuguese, English, French, Italian, German, Spanish and Turkish. A second radio program “Ses Perdesi” documents and provides commentary on the lives, contributions, careers and films of distinguished actors and actresses of the internationally acclaimed Turkish cinema. Favorable reviews of this program have been featured in the press. Additionally, a third radio program “Kulübe”, which is also prepared and presented by students, updates and informs listeners about the activities and functions of student clubs.


Yaşar University has a fully equipped photography studio furnished with the most up to date technology in the field. Additionally, experienced professional photographers are on staff to give expert technical instruction and advice to students enrolled in the program. Enrolled students have full access to the studio and its equipment to work on their projects.  In the studio, students acquire a thorough grounding in the techniques and all stages of the photographic process. As a result, the studio is an ideal creative environment, in which students can fully realize their artistic potential.   Photo exhibitions featuring our students work have been displayed in several noteworthy venues and have received praise from the media.